Don’t Settle for Just Any Pest Control Company

Pest Control

Southeast Texas Pest Control is your provider when pests invade.

We exterminate a wide range of pests for commercial and residential. We can eliminate any pest problems you may have.

Bed Bugs

We have a specialized process for dealing with bed bugs in every setting; residential, apartments, nursing homes or businesses.


Our termite extermination is the best in the business. We treat many residences and even offer pre-treats for commercial businesses.

Southeast Pest Control is now offering a new mosquito control system

Contact us today at 281-359-2091 to set up an appointment.

Mosquito Traps

  • Lures and Contaminates Mosquitoes.
  • Contains a special slow-killing larvicide.
  • Spreads to other breading sites.
  • This product kills mosquitoes and their offspring.
  • These traps should be placed  around outdoor settings in a shaded and vegetated site where there are a lot of mosquitoes.
  • With high enough coverage this product will reduce mosquito populations.
  • The traps are ideal for hotspots and problem areas where insecticide use is restricted.

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